APA Citations I

APA Citations (Printable PDF file)


Using In-text citations: APA citations generally include the author’s last name, year of publication, and the page number from the source.

For summarizing or paraphrasing, author and date of publication for the source must be included in some form:
● Sun (2010) found that blogging could enhance…


● Results show that students who wrote blogs during the seminar were more enthusiastic about writing than those students who did not blog (Sun, 2010).


● In 2010, Sun’s study of the effects of blogging on student writing…

*note* After citing the author’s last name and year the first time, you can simply refer to the source by the author’s last name without using the date over and over. If you change sources, then you would need to use
the author’s last name and date again.

● Sun (2010) found that blogging enhances student writing… Sun’s study indicates…. On the other hand, Smith (2008) suggests that……While Sun (2010) contends that…

For citing works with two authors, cite both names every time.

● Tarvers and Moore (2007) suggest that… *write out “and” within the sentence


● (Tarvers & Moore, 2007) *use ampersand (&) in end parenthesis

For citing three or more authors, write out all the authors’ last names the first time you use the source and then use “et al.” for subsequent in-text citations.

First: Danoff-Burg, Mosher, Catherine, Seawell, Asani, and Agee (2010) reveal that…
Then: Danoff-Burg et al. (2010) demonstrate that…

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